17 May 2017

Buying a new home versus a second-hand home is a question faced by many house hunters. In support of the Home Builders Federation's (HBF) ‘New Homes Week', we have outlined some of the benefits of buying new:

1 Cost Benefits

Attempts to upgrade a second-hand home can be costly and it is often hard to realise what works need to take place until you actually move in, meaning buyers are not always clear of cost implications at the outset. According to the HBF, a new homeowner of a Victorian home can spend upwards of £45k upgrading their home on moving. Just decorating a house alone can cost in the region of £5k. You can rest assured when buying new, with strict Building Regulations in place, that everything is in working order for you and covered by warranties. Buying new is usually a far more cost-effective solution

2 Easier moving process – smaller chain

You can move into a new home as soon as it is completed. This means you are not having to wait for a chain above you to complete. If you have a property to sell first, we are able to discuss our Early Bird reservation process where we may be able to help you to sell your own home. This means there is far less hassle buying new and you run less risk of others pulling out of a chain.

3 Built to suit modern day living

Developers are at the forefront of innovations to new homes to meet changes to lifestyles. This means that when you buy new, you can benefit from simple things like USB connections in rooms.

4 More energy efficient – better for the environment and you

All our new homes meet environmental standards in terms of being built using a methodology that allows home to be more energy efficient. Not only does this mean new homes are better for the environment, but also our buyers can benefit from lower gas and electricity bills.

5 Latest security and fire safety

All our homes are installed with smoke alarms as standard and houses are security alarmed. All doors are fitted with key operated locking mechanisms. This means you can feel safe and secure in your new home.

6 Ability to show case you style

New homes offer customers a ‘blank canvas' and the ability to inject their own style and personality into the home. It can often make it easier to style a home this way rather than having to include previous owner's preferences.


7 Peace of mind

All our homes come with a ten year NHBC warranty and an additional Morrish warranty for the first two years of this period. Morrish have a very well regarded, dedicated Customer Care Department so you can rest assured that, should you have any queries that these will be dealt with promptly.

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