9 July 2020

Many people move to a village location in order to live life at a slower pace, only to find that with fewer amenities and a lack of transport links, they have to rely on their cars and can feel isolated from friends and family. Living in a town, on the other hand, provides the lifestyle they have been craving for a number of reasons, from leaving the car in the garage to meeting new people.

Fantastic amenities on your doorstep

How many times have you opened the fridge door only to discover there's no milk for your morning coffee? Or you would like to enjoy a glass of wine while eating out but can't because you have to drive? Living in a village means you often have to rely on your car in order to access even basic amenities. However, when you live in a town such as Poundbury, you have an excellent selection of shops, restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, doctors, and other services right on your doorstep. As everything you need is within walking distance, you can leave the car at home, helping you to live a much easier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Spend more time doing what you love

While homes in a town setting may be smaller than those in villages, this is certainly no bad thing. With potentially fewer rooms to look after and a smaller garden to care for, townhouses require far less maintenance than their larger, village-based counterparts. This leaves you free to enjoy more time doing all the things you love. Plus, if you choose one of Poundbury's beautiful apartments, you won't have to worry about your outside space ever again!

You're still surrounded by the beauty of nature

Poundbury has been specially designed to work with and complement its rural surroundings, giving you the convenience of a town with all the beauty of a village location. For Poundbury in particular, you get the best of both worlds; a vibrant community and amenities with the Dorset countryside and beautiful south coast just a short walk or drive away.

Family and friends can easily visit

Possibly one of the biggest drawbacks to living in a village is the isolation. If you were to live in a town however, you'll be closer to local train stations and excellent road links, making it so much easier for family and friends to come and visit. This also means your journey to them will be much more enjoyable, and most likely faster, so you can spend more time in each other's company.

Enjoy the community spirit

Contrary to what you might think, moving from a village to a town doesn't mean you lose that sense of community. In a town, there is a larger population that provides lots more chances for you to meet and socialise with your neighbours in all the restaurants, cafés, shops and bars that are on your doorstep. The residents of Poundbury are certainly no exception and there is a real sense of pride within the friendly community of this beautiful town.

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