11 March 2021

Steve Morrish

Finance Director Eugene Rapson has paid tribute to Morrish Homes Joint Managing Director Steve Morrish.

“It is with the greatest sadness that we confirm the passing of Steve Morrish. On behalf of everyone at Morrish Homes, our sub-contractors and suppliers, I have extended our deepest sympathies to his wife Linda, three children and four grandchildren.

Steve was an inspirational leader, held in the highest regard and well respected as a figurehead throughout the industry. He has been instrumental in the continued success of our business over four decades.

His passion and dedication to the business has been unrivalled and his reputation has enabled Morrish Homes to engage in a long and successful working relationship with The Duchy of Cornwall since 1997 and more recently, the Ashfield Partnership.

We all owe Steve a huge debt and as a team we are determined to ensure that his legacy lives on, as Morrish Homes retain their position as a leading regional development company across the South and South West of England”.

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