12 November 2020

Located on Crown Square in the north east of Poundbury, Lantern House features three open-plan contemporary apartments and one commercial unit.

Rooms with a view

The elegant building, called Lantern House as it features a large glass lantern on the top floor of the duplex apartment, has spectacular views over Poundbury through its beautiful arched windows and balconies.

Views over Poundbury

Local business expansion

The ground floor commercial unit was recently sold to a local window and door company due to their expansion and future growth plans; Morrish Homes are pleased to have helped the local business move into a new premises.

Poundbury is an internationally renowned and mixed-use development built on land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. It integrates residential, retail and businesses with public amenities and has inspired many other modern schemes throughout the country. An urban extension of Dorchester, it is a distinctive location with architecture that reflects local character and identity rather than being seen as a separate village. Are you looking to purchase a new build property at Poundbury? Click here to see which plots we currently have available.

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