6 December 2018

Morrish Builders today invited a number of Eastleigh College construction students to visit Luzborough Green, a new sustainable development of the edge of Romsey - the first of the Ashfield Partnership's three legacy developments.

Students toured the development and witnessed how the partnership is naturally extending the town using quality local materials and craftsman to produce a sustainable development of two, three and four bedroom new homes, a unique approach to development in the area.

The highlights of the day for students included viewing a traditional flue chimney and a bricklaying demonstration by Morrish Builders and their apprentice bricklayers

Bob Dalton, Lecturer at Eastleigh College said: “It has been amazing for the students to get hands on experience at a local development witnessing traditional architecture that is set to inspire the many generations that follow.”

Tim Gray, representing The Ashfield Partnership, said: “Encouraging and educating the next generation is at the heart of the Estate's vision as set out in the Design and Community Code which will apply to all three schemes.

We are delighted to involve young people as the development evolves and to demonstrate to them the sustainable principles we are following and how every home contributes to place making and the community.”

Morrish Builders Associate Director, Construction, Patrick Kneafsey, said: “It has been fantastic to engage young people on site here and talk them through the detailed planning and design that goes into every element of these unique homes.”

Luzborough Green is the first of the Ashfield Partnership developments in Romsey which is evolving to form a community of 56 quality new homes. The partnership comprises well respected local craftsman including Morrish Builders, Wyatt Homes, CG Fry and Son in addition to the Ashfield Estate.

The main principle behind Ashfield Partnership Developments is to create quality places for people to live and work supporting the local community, whilst meeting global responsibilities.

Morrish Builders are constructing the second phase of the development with an anticipated release of new homes in Spring 2019.

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