13 July 2023

The Benefits of Buying New

Why buy a new build over an existing property? With the many great benefits on offer when you buy new, including those listed below, it’s easy to see why new developments attract a lot of excitement from prospective buyers.

Easily create the home of your dreams

A new build home is a blank canvas and as no one has lived there before you, you get to put your own stamp on the place. What’s more, you often get to choose the fixtures and fittings, such as door handles, light switches and even the kitchen units.

There’s no chain to contend with

One of the biggest stresses and reasons for delays when buying a property is the dreaded onward chain. However, when you buy a new build there are no current owners who need to move on, meaning the buying process is usually much quicker.

Help the environment

New build homes must comply with the latest building and environmental regulations which means you save money on your energy bills and your home will have lower carbon emissions.

The warranty

Most new build homes come with a National House Building Council (NHBC) 10-year warranty which will protect you should your house builder go out of business as well as covering defects and structural problems. Morrish Homes also provides our own 2-year warranty to cover any snagging issues.

Tips For Buying a New Build

Our expert property team share their top tips on buying a new build so once you’ve found your dream home, you’ll know exactly how to proceed to secure the best deal.

Check what’s included in the sale

Understanding exactly what is included in the sale of a property is good advice whether you’re buying a new build or not but is particularly important if you’re buying off-plan (before the property has been finished). The property developer should be able to provide you with a detailed specification list which will include everything you need to know about the materials they’ve used, fixtures and fittings etc.

Be prepared to move quickly

Once you have reserved your dream new build home with the developer, things can begin to move very quickly. For example, at Morrish Homes we will reserve your property for 28 days and exchanging contracts should take place within that period. So, before you place your reservation ensure you have your deposit, mortgage and solicitors lined up ready to go.

Buy off-plan to reserve the best plots

Many developers will offer properties off-plan, which means you choose and reserve a property before it’s even been built. By doing this, you usually get access to the best plots on the development and, if you choose an area that’s on the up, you can usually secure it for a great price.

Don’t be afraid to haggle

When you’re buying a new build home, it’s worth trying to see if there is a little wiggle room on the price. Although bear in mind the most desirable developments will attract a lot of competition so if you really love somewhere, don’t hesitate to snap it up quickly!

Morrish Homes has a track record of creating beautiful, sustainable communities consisting of a variety of quality new build homes. Browse our current developments online or if you’d like to learn more or book a viewing, contact our friendly team today.

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