The proposed site measures just under 5 acres (just under 2 hectares) and is situated on land north of Oak Road, to the west of Higher Broad Oak Road.

Development site location

The site’s location on the edge of West Hill, where it adjoins the built-up areas to the north and the east, would make any future housing development look like a natural extension of West Hill, with Oak Road forming its clearly defined boundary. It is in a sustainable location: local facilities and amenities are at suitable walking or cycling distances, reducing the need for vehicle use.

Maintaining distinctive character

The site is well screened by banked hedgerows and matures trees. Existing vegetation would largely be retained and where possible strengthened, to encourage biodiversity and optimise screening. The large oak tree in the middle of the site would be incorporated into the site layout and design, as an attractive and important natural feature.

Through the process of the planning application, extensive engagement with the key stakeholders within the local authority has taken place, resulting in agreement to move the development proposed further into the site allowing greater future protection of the key tree lined boundary’s, enhancing the open space and planting, and agreeing that further detail will be provided and worked alongside the local authority as part of any reserved matters application.

With careful planning, new housing can be delivered whilst ensuring that rural areas keep their distinctive character. Existing local architecture will help inform the design of the proposed development to ensure it will be in keeping with its surroundings.

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